last Tuesday, i’ve searched some info about my Wifi Router WRT54G which was quite unwell for some days (have been told in other post) and in the Linksys Forum, i have seen so many same complaints with me.. well i just feel little disappointed because we (me and other users) don’t know what’s wrong with the router, it malfunction w/o any reason.. the solution in there are just : upgrade firmware (already) , reset and reboot the router (this is the weirdest thing because it was just unlogical to me, but it really works.. ) but still no explanation what happen and why.. phew..

and just now, after my speedy (internet connection) had some little trouble, while waiting on my speedy modem rebooting, i try to reboot and reset my wifi router (to kill a time) and yes now it’s working again.. so tonite i won’t need to stay alone in my 2nd floor.. ho4..

but still this is a strange router for me.. It’s Linksys man, Cisco subdivision.. my disappointment is quite reasonable.. Cisco = networking (at least for me).. and their product, i said, quite disappointing.. well i hope it can work better then..