This page is dedicated to be my summary after following 30 Day Live a Better Life Challenge by Celestine Chua.

New Friends

Here, i want to list some of my new friends which i get by joining this program. It’s so nice to have new friends, isn’t it ?

  1. Sisiliany :
  2. Qin Tang :
  3. Theresa :
  4. Kirsten :
  5. Olivette :
  6. Rupy316 :
  7. Daphne :
  8. will be added more and more 🙂


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My Result on the Task

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My Comment & Feedback

This part is the part of my comment and feedback about this 30DLBL program generally.

First, I would like to thank Celes for designing and making such a great-impact program like this 30DLBL. The tasks in 30DLBL are very good in general. Not just the hard heavy-thought task such as creating our vision board, finding our life purpose, visualizing our dreams into vision board and then set goals to achieve it, but there are a lot of individual tasks (from part 2 of DLBL, since the 12th day) which able to boost our productivity, such as declutter task, make an inspiring room/workspace, etc. Including some interesting social task such as asking for feedback from our friends/relatives, connecting with friends, making new friends, and etc.

This month was quite a new experience for me. It just like, this is the chance for me to re-organize my life, re-think, and re-recognize my self. The whole experience bring me into a more conscious life, by knowing my life purpose, my vision board, etc. From the tasks, I learn that, if you want to live the fullest, first of all, you need to know your own life purpose, then you will need to set the values of your life, before making so many plans and goals to be achieved. It’s quite the same as in a company, that you need to set your vision, mission, values of the company, and the periodically goals to achieve the vision. So, in other words, in this program, you will be the CEO of your life, that control everything in your life 😀

The biggest thing i love the most from 30DLBL is the community. Well, if it just a passive program, it will be just the same as hundred or even thousands similar program. But, since this is the community and sharing-based program, it make this program more interesting and different, unique. Why ? Because we will not feel that we are alone in doing every tasks. Instead, we have a lot of participants who actively sharing their thoughts/their task results. It’s very wonderful to see each other sharing their comments, helping the other participants. The greater things, we have been united in a new 30DLBL family, which still continue our friendship although the 30DLBL finished, because now, The Personal Excellence Forum is up! yey.

The most inspiring tasks for me are discovering my life purposes, set my goals, and my vision board. It just as if I try to map my life, now, and in the future. But, those tasks are not over although the program was over. I will keep reviewing and evaluating them, to make sure that I live my life based on my purpose.

Well, I think every single tasks is a useful tasks, but, it’s really depend on the personal condition and priorities. For example, for me, become an early riser is fun, but, maybe not everyone will feel the same. So, i think, the usefulness of the tasks will be really personal, depend to each participants condition..

For the alumni of this very 1st program of 30DLBL, maybe we can make the 30DLBL better by giving feedback to Celes, about the program or even the specific task. Besides that, we still be able to continue our discussion in the forum 😀

Once again, thank you so much Celes, for such a great challenge in this month, that give me chance to change my life in a better way, to make some new friends between 30DLBL participants, and for the nice useful articles and tasks. Hopefully, all your plans and goals will be successfully achieved, and would like to see you soon in the news/tv shows as your vision board 😀

That’s all about my feedback. I’m looking forward to the regular articles in TPEB blog 😀