This is my Bucket List. I just randomly write them, whenever something good come to my mind 🙂

  1. Publish a fiction book
  2. Publish non fiction book (such as computer book, etc)
  3. Write a series of novels
  4. Write short stories that are published
  5. Write short stories published in national newspaper
  6. Publish my own short stories collection
  7. Have my books translated in other language
  8. Best seller of fiction categories
  9. Best seller of non-fiction categories
  10. Buy a book that has my articles inside of it
  11. Attend an international conference held in Indonesia
  12. Attend an international conference held in Other country
  13. Speak at an international conference for computer science topic
  14. Speak at an international conference <anything>
  15. Speak at national conference
  16. Speak at local conference/seminar/ workshop
  17. Launch my own personal website
  18. Traveling around the world
  19. Travel to 5 big cities in China (2 already)
  20. Travel to 5 capital cities in South East Asia (3 already)
  21. Travel to 5 capital cities in Asia
  22. Travel to 5 capital cities in East Asia
  23. Studying mandarin at china
  24. Create mobile application (iPhone/Android)
  25. have 1000 posts (currently 417) in my blog
  26. Have a new very good laptop
  27. Buy a SLR camera for photography
  28. Publish an article in the newspaper
  29. Continue post graduate studies in the best university (depending on the field)
  30. Pursue PhD title
  31. Work overseas
  32. Swim with dolphins
  33. Holidays in exotic island, such as Bahamas
  34. Holidays in cruise
  35. Holidays in Disney Cruise
  36. Become a lecturer in university
  37. Visit Disneyland in HK
  38. Visit Disneyland in Japan
  39. Visit Disneyland in USA
  40. Visit all Disneylands in the world
  41. Bungee Jumping
  42. Rafting
  43. stable body weight around 68-70kg
  44. Create a social networking website, for book lovers
  45. Visit two pole, south and north pole
  46. See exotic and rare animals, such as blue whale, polar bear, komodo, etc
  47. Visit all seven wonders of the world
  48. Visit Great Wall in China
  49. Visit Sphinx and Pyramids
  50. Visit Pisa Tower
  51. Visit Eiffel Tower
  52. Visit Colloseum in Rome
  53. Fly in Business Class for long distance flight (such as to USA)
  54. Travel with Airbus A380
  55. Travel with Boeing 747
  56. Travel with Boeing 787 Dreamliner
  57. Working in Boeing/Airbus
  58. Make an algorithm that is known world-widely
  59. Involved in Known-World-Wide organization for some topics (e.g Computer Science)
  60. Solved 100 problems in UVA Online (Online Programming Site)
  61. Solved 200 problems in UVA Online
  62. Solved 500 problems in UVA Online
  63. Topcoder -> Join Division 1
  64. Topcoder -> Red Top Coder
  65. Topcoder -> Yellow Top Coder
  66. Write A Memorial Book about my life in China

will add more and more 🙂